Policy Manual

Table of Contents

A copy of the complete Policy Manual is available at the library.

  1. Library Board Bylaws
  2. Philosophical and Legal Considerations
    1. Library Bill of Rights
    2. The Freedom to Read
    3. The Library Privacy Act
  3. Day-to-Day Operations
    1. Material Selection Policy
    2. Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials
    3. Weeding Policy
    4. Circulation Policy
    5. Reference Service
    6. Gifts and Bequests
    7. Ordinance No. 11-1700 Regulating the Use of Gifts, Grants, Donations
    8. Volunteers
    9. Patron Code of Conduct
    10. Public Participation Policy
  4. Special Services
    1. Class Tours
    2. Visits by Young Children
    3. Displays and Exhibits
    4. Exhibit Release
    5. Interlibrary Loans
    6. Ishpeming Carnegie Public Library Internet and Computer Use Policy
    7. Procedures for Access
    8. Restricting Use of the Internet for Minors
    9. Wireless Policy
    10. Computer User Agreement and Parent Permission Form
    11. A Child's Rules for Online Safety
    12. Meeting Room Usage
    13. Holds
    14. Special Collections
    15. Strawberry Hill Seed Library Policy
    16. Library Service Equipment
    17. Memorandum of Understanding Between the Association of Friends of the Ishpeming Carnegie Public Library and the Ishpeming Carnegie Public Library
  5. Accidents and Disasters
    1. Disasters
    2. Claim/Incident Report
    3. Fire Map: Main Floor
    4. Fire Map: Basement Floor

     VI. Appendix
              A. Superiorland Library Cooperative Digital Materials Collection Development Policy

             B. Superiorland Library Cooprative Request for Reconsideration of Digital Materials


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